The residents of Hialeah Estates give this neighborhood a  strong sense of community.  Scheduled activities iclude the annual homeowners meeting. 
How to Live in Bonsall
By Ed Pidgeon, Long-Time Hialeah Resident

Slow Down
You're already there. Let go of stressful things. Simplify your life.

Wave to People
Most folks around here are real nice. Let them know you want to be neighborly.

Share Things
You probably have stuff your neighbors don't. Let them borrow it. Save them a trip to town and maybe even some money.

Respect One Another
Someone real smart once said, "Treat others as you would like to be treated." That makes good sense - especially around here.

Talk Positive
Nobody likes negative stuff. Light up the nieghborhood. Speak well of people. Help spread cheer, cooperation and good will.

Be A Good Citizen
We all have rights - but we have responsibilities too. Pay your fair share. Show up for town meetings. Vote.  Keep your property looking good. Help out with things.

Enjoy LIfe
It may end tomorrow. Drop your grudges. Think happy. Hug someone. Laugh at yourself. Play with the kids. Listen to the crickets.  Smell the flowers.

Seize the moment - it doesn't get much better than this.

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